Berlin Play Connection

Ranging from 2.9m to 7.4m in height, Berlin Play Connection’s classically shaped rope climbing net and central mast structures are cost-effective whilst still being designed to exacting technical specifications. Playground configurations include both single play structures and double central masts to double the excitement and play value.

All structures feature the Berliner-Seilfabrik unique cloverleaf ring connector which prevents entanglements and allows single rope sections to be repaired without the need for a hydraulic machine.

In addition, the new T-connector rope joiner contains tamper-proof fixings and the structures use a encapsulated tensioning system that protects the foundation from moisture and dirt.

All rope is manufactured from polyester yarn with central steel cores. The special polyester provides the highest UV stability, increased durability and colour fastness so your rope structure will look amazing for many years to come. 

To learn more about Berlin Play Connection and request your copy of their latest catalogue, please call Playrope now on 1800 767 529.