Berliner-Seilfabrik makes Playground equipment comes alive with custom climbing net structures.

Berliner-Seilfabrik are the world’s leading manufacturer of polyester and polyamid covered steel U-rope cables and ropes for climbing nets and rope playground structures. 

Recognized worldwide for their rope climbing nets, rope ladders, and rope playground equipment for their own brand, Berliner-Seilfabrik also supplies many of the world’s leading outdoor playground suppliers with rope for use in their playground equipment.

What’s more, Berliner-Seilfabrik are the masters of custom design. Boasting an impressive 7 day turn-around for working concepts, Berliner-Seilfabrik can create an exclusive design that matches your requirements exactly.

To learn more about Berliner-Seilfabrik and request your copy of their latest catalogue, please call Playrope now on 1800 767 529.