Australia’s Largest Spielart Playground to be constructed in Underwood Park, Priestdale

Above photo shows the inspiration for the Underwood Park Playground, Peter Pan Playground, Berlin

LOGAN: Underwood Park in Priestdale, part of Logan City Council, will feature Australia’s biggest Spielart Playground when it is installed by July of 2014.

Based on a design called “Peter Pan” which was originally created for Nelly Sachs Park in Berlin, the customised unit was modified for Australian conditions by Playrope and will be constructed in Germany by the manufacturer Spielart.

“The Playground Towers are very large, and we have modified the 7m structure to make it more transparent, so parents are able to supervise their children, whilst still giving kids the freedom to play.” said Playrope’s James Devereux. “Also, minor adjustments to the design have been made to ensure that it meets Australian Safety Standards.

Logan City Council is the latest Australian Council to catch onto the world-wide adventure-play phenomenon which features natural materials such as commercially-grown Class 1 Robinia hardwood timber. The Underwood Park Playground which has been designed to meet the needs of children from 5-16 incorporates a number of physically challenging equipment pieces which progressively become more difficult such as scramble nets, rope, flubber and totter bridges (which are suspended up to 1.5m above the ground) and a climbing wall.

What’s more, the enormous castle-themed towers which resemble something from a movie set or child’s drawing will give visitors a unique view of the surrounding parklands, some 5m into the air.

The Underwood Park Playground draws on the Adventure play-theory published by Play England that states, “we need to provide opportunities for children to test and challenge themselves in play that involves a level of risk” in order for them to develop resilience and make informed judgements.” Through smart design modern playgrounds have the ability to offer these experiences in a safe and controlled environment. 

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Play area to rival Donnybrook

Progress Photos - 25 June 2013 008.jpgA huge children’s playground nearing completion at Manjimup is expected to rival Donnybrook’s Apple Fun Park and become a major tourist attraction.

A buzz of enthusiasm is surrounding the completion of the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park playground, expected in a fortnight.

The playground was built primarily using SuperTowns grant funding and will be the first completed SuperTowns project in Manjimup.

The playground — built predominantly from timber sourced from the region — is expected to be a hit with families and start conversations about Manjimup.

Manjimup shire chief executive officer Jeremy Hubble said the playground promised to be a place where people could connect.

“The playground is expected to act as an attractor to the park, encouraging higher visitation and allowing more people to learn of the diverse agricultural and timber heritage of Manjimup,” he said.

“Its value to the community will be more than simply its use — it will help lift the profile and perception of the town.

“It is part of the bigger plans to change first impressions upon entering Manjimup.”

Manjimup Visitor Centre manager Roy Piggot said the playground would be a big drawcard.

“Once word gets around it will have an impact on the town — it will bring families,” he said.

Donnybrook-Balingup shire chief executive officer John Attwood said the Apple Fun Park had increased visitation to Donnybrook.

He said the park received 250 to 1000 visitors per week.

Mr Hubble said the council did not want to replicate the Apple Fun Park but design a playground which reflected the character of the Timber and Heritage Park.

Manjimup’s YMCA Timber Tots childcare centre director Olivia Biggs said she would use the playground for excursions.

“This is more inviting and they would love it — because, let’s face it, children get bored,” she said.

The mother of six said there was nothing in Manjimup for families with children of varying ages.

Mrs Biggs’ family moved to Manjimup six months ago and regularly travelled to Donnybrook.

But she said once the playground was complete it would become a family ritual to visit the park for a picnic every Sunday.

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Article Written by SONIA KOHLBACHER, Manjimup-Bridgetown Times June 12, 2013, 11:54 am
Reposted from the West Australian Regional Newspapers Website 


Timber & Heritage Park Playground Now Ready for Play

Progress Photos - 25 June 2013 008.jpgSchool holiday fun is about to get better with the completion of the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park Playground.

The Shire of Manjimup constructed the $1.14 million playground after receiving funding through the Royalities for Regions SuperTown initiative and Lotterywest.

The playground has been designed to be used by children of all ages with varying levels of ability. The equipment features custom made structures such as a large climbing net, 40m double cable flying fox, water play, cubbies, slides, rides and sculptures of our local animals. There is also outdoor gym equipment, barbecues and picnic spots, so families can enjoy a complete recreational experience.

The Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park is open seven days, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, April – September and 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, October – March. Entry is free.

Shire President, Wade De Campo said, “It is exciting to see the end product of Manjimup’s new, one of a kind adventure playground. Thank you to all the staff, contractors and funding provides for the hard work that has gone into completing this fantastic new play area, which children of all ages can enjoy for many years to come.”

An official opening event will be held in October 2013.

Article reproduced from The Shire of Manjimup Website

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Parramatta Playground to be unveiled this Saturday

Paramatta Foreshore Under Construction 2A NEW multi-purpose playground built on the banks of Parramatta River will be unveiled to the public at Parramatta City Council’s Family Fun Day this Saturday.

Western Sydney Wanderers will join Parramatta Lord Mayor John Chedid to celebrate the newly installed children’s playground.

The playground is the first of its kind in Parramatta, featuring a range of features, challenges, themes and experiences, including two slides and water play.

“We’ve incorporated creative play elements and challenges into this playground, including rope climbing, slides, water play and a fireman’s pole,’’ Cr Chedid said.“The new playground won’t just entice little kids, I think we’ll see a lot of big kids using our new play equipment too.’’Cr Chedid encouraged families to come along to the Family Fun Day to help celebrate the opening of the new Parramatta River playground.

Many activities and attractions have been organised, including a petting zoo, giant games, face painting, boat rides, a circus skills workshop and a free barbeque lunch.

“The Family Fun Day is a great opportunity for kids and families to spend quality time together and meet new friends,” Cr Chedid said.

Details: Lord Mayor John Chehid will unveil the playground between 11am and 2pm at Parramatta City Council’s Family Fun Day on Saturday July 13, on the Parramatta River foreshore, between Barry Wilde Bridge and Elizabeth Footbridge, Parramatta

Article reproduced from the Parramatta Holroyd Sun Website 8/7/13 9.30am Written by Aimee Saaib

Parramatta Playground will be fun for all the family

Paramatta Foreshore Under ConstructionParramatta families will have a good reason to go outside and get active when the first multi-use playground is built on the river foreshore.

The foreshore-themed playground is due to be completed by mid-2013 and a council spokeswoman said it will include equipment which will provide young people with many “challenges, themes and experiences, including two slides”.

A multi-purpose events space and new seating will also be installed for parents to enjoy the water views while children enjoy the new playground next to the Elizabeth St footbridge.

Parramatta lord mayor John Chedid said the playground was designed to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors and get physically active.

“This is our first non-traditional playground incorporating creative play elements and challenges, including climbing rope and a fireman’s pole allowing children to explore at their own pace,” Cr Chedid said.

“Playgrounds provide many families with the opportunity for their kids to be physically active and act as a meeting place for parents to socialise.”

A council spokeswoman said the playground was another example of their revitalisation of the city’s natural open spaces and would ensure the foreshore’s popularity.

Article featured on the Parramatta Sun Website: 26/2/13

The fantastical world of make believe comes alive in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a buzz with the imminent opening of the Magical Witch’s Forest Playground at the Heller Street Park, Picnic Point.  But as every child knows, every good fairytale needs a hero.

And while local Princesses and brave Knights will be queuing to live out the adventure when the park opens on Friday the 14th of January, it won’t be until January when our Heroes’ will have a house of their own.

Known as “Old Smithy” the second structure features a quaint tree-house feel complete with a precisely engineered slide for a fast exist when marauders approach.

Jeff Wilson, from Playrope, the Australian Distributor of Spielart, the manufacturer of the equipment, says, “Each piece of Spielart equipment is hand carved and unique, it’s made of super tough Robinia timber and designed to cope with all the punishment kids (and the weather) can throw at it.”

But it’s more than that, Spielart is imagination brought to life, it’s designed to be fun, quirky, off beat and imaginative. And the kids can’t resist it. In fact, I think most adults will be hoping they can play too!”

“Toowoomba City Council are leading the charge to create playgrounds that appeal to modern kids, get them off the couch and into the fresh air. They really should be applauded for their dedication to creating attractions that make playgrounds fun.

Click on the video below to watch the Magical Witch’s Forest being Built…

The Importance of Playground Safety

It goes without saying that if you’re in the business of providing entertainment for children be it a local park, a school, a holiday park or a shopping centre, then a good quality playground should be top of your priority list.

Good playgrounds offer a fun location for children, giving them the ability to test limits, have fun, learn social skills and burn off some of their copious excess energy in a safe location.  And safety is important, because no one wants to see a child hurt. 

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