Australia’s Largest Spielart Playground to be constructed in Underwood Park, Priestdale

Above photo shows the inspiration for the Underwood Park Playground, Peter Pan Playground, Berlin

LOGAN: Underwood Park in Priestdale, part of Logan City Council, will feature Australia’s biggest Spielart Playground when it is installed by July of 2014.

Based on a design called “Peter Pan” which was originally created for Nelly Sachs Park in Berlin, the customised unit was modified for Australian conditions by Playrope and will be constructed in Germany by the manufacturer Spielart.

“The Playground Towers are very large, and we have modified the 7m structure to make it more transparent, so parents are able to supervise their children, whilst still giving kids the freedom to play.” said Playrope’s James Devereux. “Also, minor adjustments to the design have been made to ensure that it meets Australian Safety Standards.

Logan City Council is the latest Australian Council to catch onto the world-wide adventure-play phenomenon which features natural materials such as commercially-grown Class 1 Robinia hardwood timber. The Underwood Park Playground which has been designed to meet the needs of children from 5-16 incorporates a number of physically challenging equipment pieces which progressively become more difficult such as scramble nets, rope, flubber and totter bridges (which are suspended up to 1.5m above the ground) and a climbing wall.

What’s more, the enormous castle-themed towers which resemble something from a movie set or child’s drawing will give visitors a unique view of the surrounding parklands, some 5m into the air.

The Underwood Park Playground draws on the Adventure play-theory published by Play England that states, “we need to provide opportunities for children to test and challenge themselves in play that involves a level of risk” in order for them to develop resilience and make informed judgements.” Through smart design modern playgrounds have the ability to offer these experiences in a safe and controlled environment. 

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The fantastical world of make believe comes alive in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is a buzz with the imminent opening of the Magical Witch’s Forest Playground at the Heller Street Park, Picnic Point.  But as every child knows, every good fairytale needs a hero.

And while local Princesses and brave Knights will be queuing to live out the adventure when the park opens on Friday the 14th of January, it won’t be until January when our Heroes’ will have a house of their own.

Known as “Old Smithy” the second structure features a quaint tree-house feel complete with a precisely engineered slide for a fast exist when marauders approach.

Jeff Wilson, from Playrope, the Australian Distributor of Spielart, the manufacturer of the equipment, says, “Each piece of Spielart equipment is hand carved and unique, it’s made of super tough Robinia timber and designed to cope with all the punishment kids (and the weather) can throw at it.”

But it’s more than that, Spielart is imagination brought to life, it’s designed to be fun, quirky, off beat and imaginative. And the kids can’t resist it. In fact, I think most adults will be hoping they can play too!”

“Toowoomba City Council are leading the charge to create playgrounds that appeal to modern kids, get them off the couch and into the fresh air. They really should be applauded for their dedication to creating attractions that make playgrounds fun.

Click on the video below to watch the Magical Witch’s Forest being Built…

The Importance of Playground Safety

It goes without saying that if you’re in the business of providing entertainment for children be it a local park, a school, a holiday park or a shopping centre, then a good quality playground should be top of your priority list.

Good playgrounds offer a fun location for children, giving them the ability to test limits, have fun, learn social skills and burn off some of their copious excess energy in a safe location.  And safety is important, because no one wants to see a child hurt. 

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