Cardwell Foreshore, North Queensland

The long-awaited Cardwell Foreshore Redevelopment is almost complete with the installation of not one but 2 stunning new playgrounds. These photos were taken just before the opening last week, in fact, the playground is so new, you can still see some of the protective plastic is still to be removed.

Devastated in February 2011, the area has rebuilt and now has a collection of fabulous playground equipment to complement the  fabulous view.

The Coral Playground features a Berlin Play Connection 7.4m net, a Kaiser & Kuhne Tyre Swing, Kaiser & Kuhne Spring Rockers, a Urban Design Berlin (UDB) Orbit and Eddie & Numbers.

Whereas the Jetty Playground features a Berlin Play Connection Quadrifol, Accessible Springer, Urban Design Berlin (UDB) Picadilly Circle, Swingo, Cat Tail, Eddie, Pin Tail and White Water.