City Park, Griffith New South Wales

This incredible wet and dry playground at Griffith in regional New South Wales features Berliner Seilfabrik’s Neptune XXL,
their tallest climbing structure. Rising over 9m into the air, the Neptune XXL offers play volume for more than 200 kids,
and all within a minimum footprint. The secret is the Octahedron-based design, which offers fun, challenge and an
unmatched reward for those who reach the top without compromising the user’s safety, as at no time does the free height
of fall exceed 2.5m.  What’s more to adding to the climbing fun of this incredible structure is a stainless steel slide which
is only accessible to those who successfully make the climb to the top. 

What’s more, the park is the perfect spot for Griffith’s scorching summer days as it features a Vortex Aquatic Playground
Splashpad, complete with tipping bells, sprays, cannons and more.