Play area to rival Donnybrook

Progress Photos - 25 June 2013 008.jpgA huge children’s playground nearing completion at Manjimup is expected to rival Donnybrook’s Apple Fun Park and become a major tourist attraction.

A buzz of enthusiasm is surrounding the completion of the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park playground, expected in a fortnight.

The playground was built primarily using SuperTowns grant funding and will be the first completed SuperTowns project in Manjimup.

The playground — built predominantly from timber sourced from the region — is expected to be a hit with families and start conversations about Manjimup.

Manjimup shire chief executive officer Jeremy Hubble said the playground promised to be a place where people could connect.

“The playground is expected to act as an attractor to the park, encouraging higher visitation and allowing more people to learn of the diverse agricultural and timber heritage of Manjimup,” he said.

“Its value to the community will be more than simply its use — it will help lift the profile and perception of the town.

“It is part of the bigger plans to change first impressions upon entering Manjimup.”

Manjimup Visitor Centre manager Roy Piggot said the playground would be a big drawcard.

“Once word gets around it will have an impact on the town — it will bring families,” he said.

Donnybrook-Balingup shire chief executive officer John Attwood said the Apple Fun Park had increased visitation to Donnybrook.

He said the park received 250 to 1000 visitors per week.

Mr Hubble said the council did not want to replicate the Apple Fun Park but design a playground which reflected the character of the Timber and Heritage Park.

Manjimup’s YMCA Timber Tots childcare centre director Olivia Biggs said she would use the playground for excursions.

“This is more inviting and they would love it — because, let’s face it, children get bored,” she said.

The mother of six said there was nothing in Manjimup for families with children of varying ages.

Mrs Biggs’ family moved to Manjimup six months ago and regularly travelled to Donnybrook.

But she said once the playground was complete it would become a family ritual to visit the park for a picnic every Sunday.

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Article Written by SONIA KOHLBACHER, Manjimup-Bridgetown Times June 12, 2013, 11:54 am
Reposted from the West Australian Regional Newspapers Website