The Importance of Playground Safety

It goes without saying that if you’re in the business of providing entertainment for children be it a local park, a school, a holiday park or a shopping centre, then a good quality playground should be top of your priority list.

Good playgrounds offer a fun location for children, giving them the ability to test limits, have fun, learn social skills and burn off some of their copious excess energy in a safe location.  And safety is important, because no one wants to see a child hurt. 

In Australia, playgrounds are governed by a safety benchmark called AS4685, which provides guidelines for the safe design, installation, maintenance and operation of playgrounds. It is interesting to note though, that while designed for safe operation, it doesn’t mean that playgrounds are a risk-free environment. 

Playrope, as an Australian industry leader, who’s suppliers such as Berliner-Seilfabrik, Kaiser & Kuhne, SpielartVortex and others, are arguably at the forefront of playground equipment manufacture; take the safety standards very seriously. 

We believe that if playground equipment is not built in strict accordance with the Australian Standard for Playground Safety a child could be seriously injured or even killed. Each piece of our equipment is Independently Certified by a fully accredited Safety Engineer – an important sign-off that not all playground companies insist upon. 

You see, safety code infringements may not be immediately obvious and can range from small things like finger-entrapments, head entrapments from bars being placed too far apart or more seriously product placement issues that place moving equipment within fall zones, can see councils and businesses liable for injuries. 

By insisting on top quality commercial playground products and professional playground designers (often a Landscape Architect) who specialises in ensuring adherence to the Australian Standard for Playgrounds, you can mitigate your risk of litigation. 

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