Contained Play.

PlayRope are a complete supplier of indoor playgrounds, inflatables including inflatable jumping castles and huge indoor slides.
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Our huge range of unique designs encourage an exciting and creative indoor playground environment. We have hundred’s of fantastic indoor playground designs that create a maze of safe padded play sections throughout enormous structure’s of endless fun.


We also have a unique enormous 3 lane slide design with optional addition lanes that also adds an impressive “WOW” feature to any indoor design.


What is Contained play equipment?

Shopping Center playgrounds have many factors to connect with: towering architecture, bustling people, ample excitement, and the need for built-in resilience.


The equipment should reflect these requirements.

With the right equipment in place, contain playgrounds can not only provide fun, safe place for kids to express themselves, they can also stand up to the potential wear and tear of city environment.

These limited spaces don’t present a challenge, but an opportunity to provide play value while improving the aesthetics of the environment. Shopping Center play equipment can invoke exploration and imagination whilst complementing the surrounding landscape.