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Vortex Launches Watermark Digital Water Expressions.

Watermark is an architectural installation that creates patterns and words by synchronizing lights and manipulating the flow of water.

Designed for commercial applications in urban spaces, shopping centers, airports, exhibition centers, amusement parks, and hotels, Watermark’s interactive designs can easily be updated via a secure app, making it ideal for advertising, welcoming guests, and showcasing promotions.  Watermark can be installed indoors and outdoors in customized seamless configurations, and is designed to integrate into existing structures.



The Watermark is a cutting-edge interactive centerpiece water feature. It creates patterns and words by manipulating the flow of water. Impactful always!

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Product Highlights

  • Watermark is digitally controlled water display technology that lets you send messages and display logos, produce captivating patterns and create an ambience

  • A cutting-edge interactive centerpiece feature that creates patterns, text and logos by manipulating the flow of water

  • Engage visitors with a tablet-enabled app

  • Reinforce your brand with logos and color. Deliver informative messages and drive promotions

  • Impactful digital water expression that is customizable

  • Architectural water feature is ideal for hotel lobbies, airports, malls, town plazas or office buildings

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