Victoria ‘Regional Adventure’ Park Goulburn, NSW

Catering for children from infants to teens, the park includes play equipment that provides both mental and physical stimulation for users of all abilities.

Client: Goulburn-Mulwaree Council

Roma Street Parkland Brisbane, QLD

An adventure playground hidden in leafy parklands

Client: City Parkland Services

34 Rosebud Foreshore Park, Rosebud, VIC

Climbing up the embankment is a challenge. Getting down again is fun, and quick!

Client: Glascott Group / Rosebud City Council

Newport Waterside Park, QLD

Here’s an idyllic spot for parents and carers to kick back in the sunshine with a well-brewed cup of Fonzie Abbott coffee and tasty bite to eat whilst the children frolic in the adjacent fully fenced and shaded pirate and maritime-themed park.

A big twisted tube slide takes pride of place in the playground, which also features astroturf hills with slides, a large swinging tyre, climbing nets, mini sky walks and some ‘treasure chests’ dotted around half-buried in the sand.

Client: Moreton Bay Region

Te Rangi Hiroa Youth Park Ranui, NZ

Interconnecting spaces link as triangles from above to form Play Spaces that appeal to the target age range, but have proved hugely popular with other groups too.

Client: Auckland Council