Custom Projects

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Custom Projects

As the collection name suggests, these sprays propel from the surface level of the Splashpad®. Beautifully choreographed effects range from soft mists to powerful volcanoes. The discrete designs help build anticipation and promote active play.

The magic of outdoors

Ground-level jets keep kids engaged—with the Ground Sprays collection, geysers, water tunnels, directional jets, and more join forces to showcase the many ways water moves. The versatile water effects bring your Splashpad® to life.


From initial inspiration through idea generation, inventive development, to the final effortless installation—our creative journey is a seamless progression.

From Analysis to Sketch for Unique Projects

Cube Tower

Introducing a playground centerpiece that embodies simplicity yet offers an abundance of benefits. A modern and minimalistic structure
designed with a mindful consideration for budget constraints. This piece stands out for its adaptability to diverse needs.

Its simple design belies its versatility, boasting a flexible, modular structure that supports various configurations, each adding a unique play value to every cube, providing an engaging and dynamic experience for children of all ages and abilities.

This playground piece seamlessly blends modern aesthetics, and a wealth of play options, making it a truly versatile and valuable addition to any play space.


Play Value Planning

Encourages Teamwork & Competition
Features Interactive fun and serves as a social gathering place
Stimulates a thrilling experience
Stimulates and Develops Multiple Sense Experiences
Encourages controlled physical development
Promotes Discovery of Playground Textures
Stimulates creativity and exploration
Encourages physical development
Teen, Junior, Family
Balance & Coordination
Features interactive fun & encourages movement