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Elevations™ & Playnuk™
by Vortex

A duo of multilevel aquatic play solutions, Elevations™ and Playnuk™ add a new dimension to your activity pools, waterparks and Splashpads.

Packed with Play on all Levels

Whether you opt for a standard Elevations™ structure, a pirate-themed adventure or a world inspired by a tropical rainforest, our imaginative designs keep kids moving and coming back for more. Packed on both upper and lower levels with age-appropriate games and diverse water effects, our exciting structures engage all kinds of adventurers and promote multigenerational play—a major draw for families! 

Our Catalogue
Brochure for Vortex Elevations Catalogue_2021_Cover.jpg
Brochure for Vortex PlayNuk Catalogue_2021_Cover.jpg
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