Inclusive Play.

Playrope can help you find the inclusive playground equipment you need to make your space fun and challenging for all age and abilities.

Play is for all children. No matter what age or ability, the benefits of playing together are too important to be out of reach for any child. 


That’s why at Playrope our portfolio of inclusive play equipment is unrivalled in Australia.

It features products that are designed specifically to bring children and family members together in one place for rewarding and challenging play.


What is inclusive play equipment?

Nearly 20 per cent of Australians live with a disability, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission, a figure which includes children too.

Inclusive play exists to close the gap. It aims to cater for all ages and abilities, providing equipment that unites rather than separates.

However, we aren’t just talking about the gap between disabled and non-disabled here. Inclusive play seeks to bring together children of different ages, genders and interests as well as capabilities.

For this reason it’s important not to confuse inclusive play with accessible play. Accessible playgrounds are designed to permit disabled children to enter them, whereas inclusive playgrounds focus on everyone playing together.

Inclusive playgrounds also go beyond children. Their intention is to be open to anyone, including disabled family members or guardians who wish to get involved with their children’s playing experience.

At the heart of the concept is a commitment to allow the community to share in the benefits of playing and learning together

Inclusive Play Catalogue
by PlayRope