Emerald Park 07.jpg

Bray Farm Park, QLD

With a Halloween vibe like no other and a Harry Potter-esque feel about it, Bray Farm Park in Griffin provides an adventurous day of fun and exploring.

Client: Moreton Bay Region

Clearwood Drive Reserve, VIC

Clearwood Drive provided a great canvas for us to deliver high quality sports and recreational facilities with a distinct sense of fun and a creative twist.

The scope includes a competitive soccer & rugby field surrounded by active, flexible play and sports opportunities, passive meeting areas and picnic facilities. With a playful take on colours, geometry and manipulation of the landform, the design at Clearwood Drive is structured around an 'active thread' which undulates throughout the site.

Client: Wyndham City Council

Peckham Boulevard Playground, WA

Nestled in the heart of old Baldivis, Peckham Boulevard Playground is a gem to be discovered. There are lots of farms and tree-lined roads on route to the play park, making you feel like you are going on a country adventure.

Peckham Boulevard Playground itself is fairly small, however, there is a great variety of play equipment and a fantastic large open grass space.

Client: Parkland Heights 

Mullaloo Beach Pirate Playground, WA

This beautiful little playground bound to delight all those little pirate fans out there - makes for a fun and different play experience.  The playground is mostly constructed from wood and features several climbing options.

The playground its self consists of a wooden ship and a wooden boat where kids minds can run wild with role-play of being pirates out to sea.

Client: Kid Around Perth