The Great Outdoor Gym Company

The next generation of outdoor gyms

May 2018

PlayRope partners with The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) to deliver the next generation of outdoor gyms perfect for any community’s needs. TGO is fast becoming recognised as Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of quality outdoor gym equipment. Equipment that is designed and manufactured to deliver results. Equipment that is specifically built for local conditions and supported by a 25 year guarantee.

TGO’s mission is to drive up physical activity, increase well being and promote climate action, in sustainable ways. Their gyms break down barriers to exercise, activate green spaces and are truly inclusive. If you are safety conscious and eco friendly, TGO is the only choice and offers great value products that are greener, safer, stronger and inclusive.

Greener – We believe TGO's Green Energy Range is the greenest outdoor gym equipment in the world! With the aid of a little human power the units actually generate green energy that can be used to charge mobile phones or used to light the local area.


Safer – PlayRope and TGO take safety very seriously and all equipment exceeds certification requirements. All moving elements are within the framework of the equipment. All equipment is free of crush points, entrapment points, shear-points and sharp edges. All products include user how-to videos to demonstrate safe and optimal usage. 

Stronger – TGO’s equipment doesn’t just look pretty it’s as tough as nails. Made from high quality steel, anti-tamper fixings, and tested to 3 times that of indoor gym equipment, our equipment is made to last.

Inclusive – Created for communities with everyone in mind. Every piece has been designed carefully designed with inclusivity in mind.

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.