Vortex Aquatic Play Solutions

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May 2018



Vortex Aquatic Structures International, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, was founded in 1995 with the introduction of the first Splashpad®. Vortex's use of the highest quality materials coupled with unique, inspiring design and state-of-the-art engineering, positioned the company as the world leader in aquatic play solutions.

With over 7,000 installations, Vortex have created innovative and safe products for Hotels & Resorts, Water Parks, Public Spaces, Amusement Parks, Community Pools, Urban Spaces, Shopping Centres and Commercial Spaces in over 45 countries.

Vortex's mission is to lead the aquatic play industry by continuing to develop the most fun, innovative and safe products for families and children of all ages and abilities.

Vortex Solutions include:

SPLASHPAD®  A dynamic, zero-depth aquatic play area that provides endless hours of fun for the entire family. Splashpad® combines the sensations of different water movements—flowing, misting, and jetting—with over 250 diverse features for an unequaled aquatic play adventure.




WATER JOURNEY™  Inspired by nature’s flowing streams, Water Journey™ is a collection of 4 events providing different play experiences. Whether it is a single event or multiple connected together, Water Journey™ creates vibrant spaces inviting everyone to play, socialize or just contemplate.

POOLPLAY™ & ELEVATIONS™  Poolplay™ elements can enhance your pool or lazy river to provide an engaging and fun environment for all ages. Elevations™ add an extra dimension to pools to offer multi-level adventure in a stimulating environment.

SPRAYPOINT®  A low flow solution that utilizes light mists and small directional water streams. This reduced and controlled water dispersion means you can introduce water play in almost any environment.

WATERSLIDES  With waterslide solutions available for both indoor and outdoor applications, for new construction, or to refurbish an existing structure, Vortex can accommodate your specific site conditions and capacity requirements.

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.