La Grange


LaGrange is an impressive 5.6 metre high and 8.1 by 6.4 metre large play barn, which introduces the combination of various play cells with a spatial net. LaGrange belongs to the Greenville product line and is the largest playhouse in our product range. The posts inclined at 5 degrees and the partially open façade make the design of the play structure unique and arouse curiosity about the interior. Like the other playhouses in the Greenville product group, LaGrange is clad with bamboo panels. To give the playhouse the look of a real barn while creating more transparency, bamboo is combined with our innovative and transparent Joe’s Grid. On request, the façade can be customised. The diverse play elements inside ensure varied play and train different skills of the children. For example, the little climbers can enjoy net funnels with staggered HPL panels, rubber mats, hammocks, net tunnels and a large three-dimensional net. Play panels and slides can also be installed for even more fun.