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PowerSmart Cross Trainer



  • Cardiovascular workout for all abilities
  • Charge your device via USB or contactless
  • It can also export energy generate to the grid through TGO’s energy storage system
  • The energy also provides smart data for the site owner about the gym usage
  • Power output per piece: 0-100 watts.
  • Voltage output per piece: 24-48 volts

Turning workouts to watts! Human power goes in, electrical power comes out. This modern, unique, green energy cardio range has the most efficient, maintenance friendly, contactless power generator we have ever created. It efficiently creates usable power to charge phones, tablets, or even our bespoke on-site energy storage unit, the EDU. Resistance is controlled by the users’ speed, and through the TGO app that connects seamlessly to the console through Bluetooth. It has both contactless and wired charging and gives user feedback through a fun graphics panel. The range also gives owners insight into gym usage through their own dashboard.