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Trampoline TUTO 10


Set of 6 trampolines intended for use on playgrounds with intensive use. The set consists of 4 square shaped trampoline; 1 rectangle shaped trampoline and 1 square shaped trampoline. Jumping mat is made of very durable Hercules lamellas with a width of min. 37 mm, having the shape of the letter “V” and reinforced by ribs. Thanks to the unique shape of the lamellas, the spaces between the mat elements have been reduced to only 7 mm, which prevents small objects, such as keys or mobile phones, from falling into the trampoline. The mat is available in 8 colours, it is also possible to make graphics on the mat. The rubber trampoline collar is available in 2 standard colours and 23 special colours. Additionally, a decorative pattern can be made on the collar. The trampoline can be equipped with openable cover that makes it easy to clean inside.