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Wagga Wagga


WaggaWagga is a modular, multifunctional play structure with a distinctive design and a large play volume offering a variety of play functions on a narrow footprint. The largely clad facade results in little safety surfacing and reduces the need for safety surfacing material.
With its numerous climbing and play elements, WaggaWagga provides varied play for many children at the same time, while only requiring a narrow standing area. Different net elements for climbing and overcoming or rubber membranes for romping or relaxing form an exciting play landscape inside the climbing frame. Another highlight are two balconies connected by a net tunnel. To make WaggaWagga even more versatile, further elements can be added: Slides or play panels increase the play value.
For the exterior design, you can choose from the following four styles: Blades, Joe’s Grid, Greenville or Miami. The innovative transparent option Joe’s Grid, themed perforated panels as well as new three-dimensional wave-shaped Blades made of HPL are available. A mixed style is also possible. The perforated panels can be customized for special projects.

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