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Lajamanu Adventure Splashpad
Lajamanu, Northern Territory, Australia

Project Details

Location: Lajamanu Northern Territory

Application: Public Splashpad

Year of Installation: 2022

Main Features:

  • Iconic Tipping Bucket

  • Cannons

  • Spray Loops

Bringing Safe Water Fun to a Remote Community

Video & photo credit: PlayRope

The remote community of Lajamanu wanted to introduce a new play space for local children. Because heat is a fact of life in Australia, it was important to find a safe and healthy solution. Splashpads have been very successful in other remote areas, so the local council worked with Vortex partner PlayRope to design and build a unique Splashpad experience for Lajamanu. It features an iconic TwinSplash tipping bucket, cannons, and spray loops, ensuring hours of fun for everyone! To protect the kids on even the hottest and sunniest summer days, a roof structure covers the Splashpad as well as adjoining picnic tables and seating. And because water is a precious commodity in this desert region, a water recirculation system filters and re-uses the very same water flowing through the play area.

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