Craigieburn Gardens

Providing a link between communities

December 2016


121 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn VIC




Berliner Seilfabrik

Supply Partner

Kaiser and Kuhne

Supply Partner

Aspect Studios

Landscape Architect


Paul Wilson

Project Manager

A simple combination of colour and movement.

Situated in the heart of Craigieburn’s green centre, the bright colours of the Craigieburn Gardens playground pop against the lush parkland setting, providing a link between multiple residential areas. Centred around a simple concept with five diverse play pieces, warm colour scheme and sheltered seating area, the space caters for all ages and abilities. Presenting ample opportunity for flying high with challenging and group-play swings, the spinning, climbing and sliding equipment keeps more active and energetic children engaged.

In addition to the natural, soft fall base, multi-coloured rubber matting has been employed, allowing access to occasional elements and also providing for better wear below moving parts. Adjacent to the existing community leisure centre, this space is part of a commonly used local thoroughfare and is almost constantly in use.

Play your own way

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