Emerald Park

All-encompassing neighbourhood park in the middle of bushland

March 2016


Sapphire Chase & Catseye Cr, Wellard WA


Cedar Woods



Supply Partner


Landscape Architect

Landscape Elements

Landscape Contractor


Erin Dolman

Design Consultant

Climb your own way and catch the spider web.

What's most intriguing about this park is the amount of bushland that has been left and how the park has been built within it. There is no need for man-made shade here, the natural shade from the tall trees provides the perfect escape from the sun. The biggest feature in the park is the tree-house style play structure with rope climb up, slide down and a little birds nest swing on the side over green soft fall.

Well done Emerald Park Estate Wellard this little playground is a fantastic place for families to enjoy some fun, physcial activity and nature based play together. You've done a great job of blending it in with the natural surroundings and preserving a lovely piece of suburban bushland in such a delightful way.

Play your own way

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