Harts Mill Playground

Sieve, purify, blend….

January 2014


Mundy St, Port Adelaide SA


Renewal SA


Berliner Seilfabrik

Supply Partner

Kaiser and Kuhne

Supply Partner

Aspect Studios

Landscape Architect

Landscape Construction Services

Landscape Contractor


Jeff Wilson


Historical relevance and play combined.

Fronting a high profile industrial heritage zone in Port Adelaide and adjacent the wharf, this playground with its ultra-energised, milling theme and high-contrast, urban colour palette reinvigorates the historic area. Designed for regional appeal, the industrial reference points play off against the sleek, neon yellow equipment, which form a variety of structures from swings to words, wheels to climbable elements and towers to shelters. Yellow road markings continue through the concrete and asphalt surfaces, delineating numerous activity zones where the diverse range of play pieces sit.

PlayRope was heavily involved in the creation of this customised play space and provided the majority of the distinctive items like: the roplay ball, rotor, swing, cargo station, tyre spin, cable way, trampoline and 9.5 metre high Dalben Tower with slide. All unite to form an exceptional park that highlights the timeline between modern urban character and historic industrial setting. As can be seen by the awards listed below, this is one of the most successful public developments in recent times.

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