Volcano Park, Mount Aitken

Small park with a big idea

January 2016


1 North Shore Drive, Craigieburn


Stockland Developments Pty Lyd


Berliner Seilfabrik

Supply Partner


Supply Partner

Kaiser and Kuhne

Supply Partner

Playworld Systems

Supply Partner


Supply Partner


Landscape Architect


Nickie Brooks

Design Consultant

Paul Wilson

Project Manager

Combining products from multiple, global suppliers allowed the designers of this park to create a bespoke play space, efficiently. By applying a considered colour palette across all products, the park brings together a range of elements to deliver a sense of uniformity.

Having access to such a broad range of products, across multiple suppliers means PlayRope can make any space unique. We can tailor our offering to suit your preferred aesthetic, whatever it may be.

Clever use of colour delivers a cohesive design.

Play your own way

We work with our clients to develop custom designs that meet their individual needs.