Yarrawonga Holiday Park

Jump in for a splash!

November 2016


Burley Rd & Piper St, Yarrawonga VIC


Yarrawonga Holiday Park


Berliner Seilfabrik

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Supply Partner

Percussion Play

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Playworld Systems

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Seamless Consulting


Richard Norris

Technical Manager

Neos 360 is an inclusive, interactive competition incorporating light and sound. Once you start, stopping is difficult!

This space combines an 8m high climbing net, spinners, a variety of swings and percussion play instruments with a splash pad, four waterslides and a large tipping bucket to cater for all ages and abilities, all year round.

Resulting in increased revenue, an additional shoulder season and an increase in repeat bookings, the ROI for the park will be healthy to say the least.

With four slides, a superslash and 28 separate play elements, there is always something to do.

Play your own way

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