Sand & Water Play.

Sand and water resources for early years are perfect for getting stuck into experiential play. Support your provision whether you are setting up a mud kitchen, a sand corner or looking for exciting ways to experiment with water.

Educate the kids in a fun and inventive way with sand and water play! Turn an average playground into a fun and creative learning experience for growing minds. Completely transform outdoor play time and give the children in your community the chance to experiment with different textures and measurements.


What is Sand & Water play equipment?

Several options can be used to introduce sand, water, or both to your playground. Each of these options is durable enough to survive constant use and made of non-toxic materials that are safe for children.


Playgrounds that already have a sandbox may consider the addition of a water play table or water panel. The best option for most playgrounds is the addition of a water/sand play table. Often, these tables feature one or more bowls or basins that can be filled with either water or sand.


This is a perfect solution that allows multiple children to play at the same time. Before deciding on a sand/water play table to buy, verify the recommended age group to confirm that it is appropriate for the children who will most often use it. Some may be best for older kids, while others may be ideally suited and safer for children of a younger age.