School & Childcare.

As Children grow, they can outgrow or become bored by static play equipment.
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School playgrounds are spaces which promote healthy outdoor activity, allowing older children the freedom to run, jump and play as groups or individuals.


These spaces must be hardwearing and flexible to allow children and teachers to continue to change the way the space is used.

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What is School & Childcare equipment?

School playgrounds help students become healthier, stronger and smarter through play experiences. Physical activity not only contributes to a child's physical abilities but it also improves their cognitive development, classroom performance and social skills.

PlayRope has been at the forefront of providing fun, safe and innovative outdoor play equipment for schools in Australia. With an extensive range of playground structures for schools, from traditional slides and swing sets to combination play units with climbing cubes and towers, we transform school yards into fun and stimulating spaces that enhance the value of play.