Towers are to playgrounds what skyscrapers are to a city. Tall and impressive, they dominate, the sheer thrill of playing seven or nine metres up into the sky is an irresistible magnet.

Towers are not just for the young Braveheart, they are for everyone, since safety is part of every level.

Tower play we are known for making play experiences fun, thrilling and adventurous. Our outdoor play towers create exhilarating play experiences that kids love coming back to again and again. Our playground towers let children climb greater heights, providing them with better vantage points and a different perspective.

When they look out from our tall towers, they can see across the entire playground, their community/school and beyond. Complete the towers with activity panels, climbing nets and slides and our towers transform playgrounds and parks into fun-filled attractions.

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Why is Towers play important?

Explorers can journey to the top for the best views and then coast down the long curving slides.


Manufactured in Australia, all of our outdoor play towers are specially designed and engineered to comply with current safety standards. Browse through our range below.